5 hacks for real beauty!

For EVERY girl

5 hacks for real beauty!

I feel truly beautiful when I feel confident and strong.

When I became a teenager, my body started going through so many emotional and physical changes.

It got really hard for me sometimes and there were even times when I thought I was not beautiful.

But I found my way back to real beauty and I’m ready to share all the secrets with you.

The biggest secret? You already have everything you need!

Embrace your difference

I used to be embarrassed of all the spots on my face. I had a birthmark on my face and I always looked for a way to hide it.

As I got older, I realised that people’s unique features make them beautiful. We can’t all look the same, life would be very boring.

I can’t change what I look like - I can’t make myself taller, fairer or darker. But I don’t need to. Everyone is different and difference is beauty!

Only YOU can define beauty

Some magazines and the internet keep showing us just one idea of beauty. This makes no sense because there are so many different types of beauty in the world.

Instead of looking at these pictures, I look around me and I notice real beauty all around me all the time.

Look in the mirror or at the people around you.

It’s not perfect hair or skin that make people beautiful - it’s the way they laugh, the jokes they tell and the way they care for other people that makes them stand out!

Ask other people

It’s so easy to forget what makes us beautiful.

Sometimes you have to ask someone else to remind you.

I asked my friends what they think is beautiful about me, and they said they liked the way my eyes shine whenever I smile and the way I make them feel better whenever they feel sad.

Put your insides first

A new face-cream, soap or make-up isn’t the secret to beauty. Real beauty starts from giving your body real love – from the inside!

Just like flowers, our bodies needs the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients to stay healthy. Eat the right food and stay hydrated - your glow will follow! (See this article for some tips on foods that are good for you).

Sweat it out

I feel the most beautiful after a good, long walk even though this makes me tired and sweaty. I just feel so strong and healthy whenever I walk.

Doing exercise fills your body with happy hormones and helps you feel like you can do anything.

I advise you to find a sport or exercise that makes you feel strong, you won’t regret it!


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