5 things every girl must have during her period

Managing your time of the month

5 things every girl must have during her period

My name is Amina, I am 13 years old.

Last Saturday, I started my period. I was very afraid. There was blood all over my pants and clothes. I ran to my mother because I thought that I was dying.

She told me that it is very normal and I should not be afraid. She said it only means that my body is beginning to prepare for adulthood and for me to have a baby when I am older and ready to raise children.

I didn’t understand. I don’t even have a boyfriend. How can I be preparing for a baby!

My mum said it is not like that. It doesn’t mean I am going to get pregnant. Only that my body has matured. Now every month, my womb prepares to carry a baby. The lining of my womb gets thicker. When I do not get pregnant, this lining passes out. That is the blood I see.

My mum said most girls see their period every 28 days. She gave me a small calendar so that I can keep track. She also gave me a small purse, she called it my period bag. She said I should always carry it, in case my period comes unexpectedly.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Sanitary Pads: She said this is very important. It keeps the blood from staining my clothes. It also makes me comfortable and keeps me dry.
  2. Toilet Roll: This is in case my pads finish. I can use the toilet roll to stay dry and keep blood from staining my clothes until i can get a sanitary pad.
  3. Extra Pants: If your period comes suddenly, blood can stain your pants. It is good to have a clean pair, in case you have to change.
  4. Pain Medicine: On the first day of my period, I had some pain. My mum took me to the chemist. The chemist gave me drugs for the pain. She told me exactly how to take them. My mum warned me to be very careful when taking any medicine.
  5. Panty Liners: They are like the sanitary pad, just smaller and thinner. Mum said, I can use them during the last days of my period, if it is lighter.

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