Am I a Virgin?

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Am I a Virgin?

As a teenager, it’s normal to be curious about sex. Which is why the question – Am I a virgin? – may have popped into your head once or twice. Don’t you worry. We’re here to help.

For most people, a virgin is someone who has never had sex. But it’s not that simple. Sex means different things to different people, and so virginity can mean different things too. As a result, there is no single agreed definition of virginity.

Many people think a virgin is someone who has their hymen intact. The hymen is a thin, fleshy tissue at the opening of your vagina. Some girls are born with thick hymens, some are born with thin hymens. People say if a penis stretches the hymen during intercourse, a girl is no longer a virgin.

However, the hymen can get stretched through other ways like riding a bike or doing sports. Let’s say your hymen stretches while you’re exercising. Does this mean you’re no longer a virgin? Nope! Long story short, having a hymen may not be the best way to define virginity.

Truth is, no one can really tell whether anyone – girl or boy – is a virgin or not. Even doctors can’t tell. You can’t tell if someone has had sex just by the way they look, talk or behave. Yet some people shame boys for being virgins, then shame girls for not being virgins. If anyone shames or judges you for being or not being a virgin, they are wrong. Not you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for what you have or haven’t done.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a virgin. What matters is not doing anything that makes you uncomfortable. Or anything you don’t want to do. What matters is respecting your body and making sure you’re with someone who does too. You have the right to make your own decisions. If you’ve started having sex and you want to stop, fine. If you choose not to have sex, fine. It’s #YourBodyYourChoice. After all, it’s best to wait until you can handle the consequences e.g. pregnancy and STDs. Click here to learn more:

Besides, there are more important things in life. Like following your dreams and achieving your goals. So go ahead and write that book. Learn how to code. Find the cure to cancer. Conquer the world.

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