Foods that boost your mood

Eating your way to a healthy life

Foods that boost your mood

Sometimes when I am sad, angry or bored, I just want to eat. I will go to a shop to buy chocolate, cake or ice cream. But after eating, I don’t feel better. In fact, sometimes, I feel worse.

My aunty is a doctor. I asked if there are any foods that taste good and will also make me healthy.

Here are five foods she said I could try

Bananas give you energy any time you feel tired. They also help your body produce serotonin. It is a natural chemical that helps boost your mood.

The oil found in coconut is very nutritious. The great thing is that coconut actually helps your body produce energy! So you can feel active all day.

Eggs are high in protein and iron. They are also rich in vitamin B. Eggs give long-lasting energy. They’ll keep you going the whole day.

Fish is high in protein and low in fat. It is also good for keeping your brains healthy. It also boosts natural chemicals in your body that can help you feel more alert.

Beans have lots of protein that gives you energy and keeps you strong. They also have nutrients that help your body to manage stress.

it is important we watch we eat. Yes food isn’t the root of happiness but it can lead to it indirectly.

When you eat right , you would be healthy.

When you are healthy you would be full of energy and this can put you in a good mood.

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