Have you got a bestie you can lean on?

Mine's always got my back

Have you got a bestie you can lean on?

Hi! My name is Amina, and I have two best friends Mariam and Halima. They are simply the best ever.

Hanging out with them on weekends is like our culture especially on Saturdays when we get to watch movies at my aunt’s house.

It was during one of those Saturdays an incident happened.

That Saturday, my besties and I were on our way to my aunt’s house as usual to watch her big TV. Halima asked us to go on without her as she had to quickly pay the salon lady on our street.

We had barely walked far when we heard Halima screaming my name. We turned and saw her running towards us with a shocking look. When she finally got close to us she whispered “Amina, look you are bleeding!”

Then she pointed to the bottom half of my body, and I noticed a huge red spot on my dress. I had started my period!

I wanted the ground to swallow me.

I wondered how long I had been walking with that huge red spot on my dress. I wanted to cry, but my besties reassured me that if anyone else had seen me, they would’ve pointed or said something. After all, we lived in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

“People are too busy to look at your dress Amina! Plus, it’s natural and no one should judge you”, said Mariam. Halima gave me a scarf to tie around my waist and hide my soiled dress. Then, she went to a store to buy me pads.

While we waited for Halima to return Mariam told me a big secret. She had started her period 6 months ago. She told me that she was very scared at first but her sister taught her that periods are normal and she didn't need to be ashamed.

I am grateful for my friends. I can’t imagine if they were not with me when this happened.

When Halima returned with the pads she said to me "Amina, this is a natural part of being a girl. Don’t worry, you’ll be ok.”

And she’s right – I am!

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