I’m 16 and I’ve never seen my period

You’re not a late bloomer; you’re already in full bloom

I’m 16 and I’ve never seen my period

There are times when life feels like the Period Olympics. All your girlfriends have seen their first period. And they have no chill! They keep going on and on about it. When it started, how long it lasted, blah blah blah….

You really wish you could join in the fun. But you’re 16 and you’ve never seen your period. So you nod and smile and grit your teeth. You wonder if your own time will ever come.

You know what? It will! Life isn’t a competition. Things don’t happen to all of us at the same time. We girls see our first period at various ages: 8, 11, 13, 16, even 18! Our bodies are wired differently.

There’s no right or wrong age to see your first period. There’s no award for being the first girl to see your period anywhere. So don’t let anyone make you feel small. Hold your head up and keep going strong.

Always remember: you’re perfectly normal. Don’t change your diet or somersault every morning. Don’t do weird stuff just to make your period come. Your period will come when it’s ready, period. But if you need professional assurance, visit a doctor as soon as you can.

And when you do see your first period, it’ll be glorious. You’ll finally get to use sanitary pads like your girlfriends. You’ll discover what the fuss is all about. But in the end, you’ll find out it’s no big deal. To learn what to do when you see your first period, read Amina’s story here

In the meantime, be happy for your friends. Listen to their period stories and laugh along with them. Soon it’ll be your turn to share yours. And your friends will be there for you too.

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