Junk food is so out!

...And eating healthy is in!

Junk food is so out!

As girls our bodies consume a lot of energy. That’s why we always want those snacks, biscuits and sugary drinks.

Gala and La Casera taste really good. But they aren’t good for a growing body.

The earlier you ditch junk food and sugary drinks and start eating healthy, the better for you

Why eat better?
Eating well isn’t about your weight. It is about your health. You might be able to eat all sorts and not add a kilo. But it hurts your body. Because you are still growing, your body needs a lot of nutrients. You need to eat healthy to get those nutrients. That’s the only way to keep your body and mind strong.

Replace sugary drinks with water
We know water may not be the most fun or exciting drink. But it is the best thing for your body. It’s essential to our health. Water makes up a whopping 60 percent of our bodies. We lose large amounts of it during the day. From sweating, urinating, even just breathing. We constantly need to replace it.

Feel like water is too boring? Spice it up with fruits like lemon or orange.

Eating healthy is a gift to yourself.

You are not doing it for anybody but for yourself

You’ve only got one body! Love it and keep it healthy!

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