Love your body

You are perfectly and wonderfully made…

Love your body

Yes, you! Every inch of your body is worthy of love, inside and out. Whatever your size or shape, you’re perfect the way you are. Thin or not, tall or short, you are enough.

Even though you know this to be true, sometimes your emotions get the better of you. You feel insecure and compare your body to others. You start wishing your hips are as curvy as your friend’s. And the weirdest part? Your friend might also be wishing her hips are slim like yours. Crazy, but way too real.

It’s normal to want what you don’t have. But you shouldn’t let it consume you. All bodies are different and all of us are unique in our own ways.

The world can make it hard for you to love yourself. Movies and magazines keep showing us the so-called ‘perfect’ body. If your body looks nothing like that, you might get all sad and blue. You might even start comparing yourself to someone who isn’t real.

When you’re stuck in that mood, it’s easy to stop appreciating yourself. And that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Instead, embrace the way you look no matter what the world tells you. Think of every single amazing thing about your body. How your eyes light up when you laugh. How your calves move when you run. How you’re just so fantastically awesome. Then chin up and keep loving your gorgeous self. Always remember: you’re special and worthy of love. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

When you love yourself, people will notice. You’ll send out positive vibes to those around you. Some people will be kind to you. But others will lash out at you. They’ll say mean stuff about your body and whatnot. If this ever happens to you, try not to take it to heart. Those mean people may have been influenced by that false idea of the ‘perfect’ body. So when they see someone who looks different, they lash out without knowing how much their words hurt. Never let them get to you. Your self-worth isn’t tied to anyone’s opinion. It doesn’t matter whether the world thinks you’re ‘perfect’ or not. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Real self-worth comes from within.

If there’s someone out there making you feel bad about yourself, here’s how to deal with them

Never forget: that wonderful body of yours is the only one you’ve got. Love it hard.

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