What is happening in my belly?

An easy-to-understand guide about period

What is happening in my belly?

Ever wondered what happens in our belly before and during our period?

The journey
The journey starts in the ovaries. They store all the eggs that we will ever have in our entire life.

Most women have two ovaries. Every month, an egg travels from an ovary to the fallopian tube

From the fallopian tube, our egg moves to the uterus.

Our uterus thickens its walls. It’s creating a pillow for the egg to hide just in case that egg meets spermatozoa and gets fertilized.
Spermatozoa come from boys. It takes both a spermatozoa and an egg to make a baby.

If the egg doesn't get fertilized within a week or two, our body decides it's game over.

Your uterus sends out everything it doesn’t need, including the lining and the egg. That results in what we call periods or menstruation.

This process takes place every single month for most of our adult life.

Now that you know what's going on inside your belly. It's no wonder why it can be so painful sometimes. Our bodies are super smart and really amazing, aren't they?

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