Your body belongs to you

Take charge of how you are being treated

Your body belongs to you

We are the owners of our bodies.

They have been our own since the day we were born.

Some people treat us like our bodies belong to them. They don’t.

They do not belong to our parents, husbands, boyfriends, priests, imams or teachers.

No one has the right to touch us in ways we don’t like. No one has the right to touch us without our permission.

It does not matter if it is at home, in our compound, our school, our church or mosque or on the street.

We can say NO without fear or shame. No matter who they are.

We have a right to report anyone who won’t listen when we ask them to stop touching us.

We will not let them scare or threaten us into keeping it a secret.

Don’t worry that people will not believe us. Or that they might blame us.

Remember this. No matter what we wear or where we go, nobody has the right to touch us if we say no.

There is NO excuse for someone to touch you inappropriately or without your permission.

It is your body. You are in charge of it.

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