Your mum was a girl once

Mothers can be cool too

Your mum was a girl once

We sometimes think mums are too old to understand our teenage concerns.

The truth is your mum was once a teenager.

She once had a crush on a boy.

She once experienced the changes your body is currently going through.

She probably asked some of the questions you are asking now.

Questions like
- Why haven’t I seen my period?
- Why are my friends taller than me?
- Why isn’t my breast growing?
- How do I tell a boy I like him?

She has been through it all.

There is so much we can learn from our mums.

Are you scared to talk to your mum? Here are tips that can help you

Find something your mum loves do
Is it cooking, dancing, exercising?. Do it with her. This way you can build your relationship with her.

Be outspoken
Learn to share how you feel. Don’t bottle up your feelings. Start with telling her the little things like how you spent your day, something new you learnt. This will help build your confidence and relationship for when you would want to discuss the more serious stuff

Think positive
Don’t imagine you will get shouted at by your mum. Imagine she will understand and be open to talk to you. Imagine she will love to hear you talk. Thinking this way will give you the courage to speak to your mum.

Keep her trust
Do you always do what you say you will do? Keeping our promises (and giving explanations when we can’t) is one way to build and maintain trust. When adults know they can trust us, it’s easier for them to listen and respond to us when we go to them.

You don’t have to only speak to your mum.

You can also speak to your aunt, older sibling or a trusted adult around you.

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