Do I need school to succeed?

Not always! Top tips for how to find what you love, and win at it!

Do I need school to succeed?

To succeed you must be ready to learn and to work hard at improving your skills.

But learning doesn’t always happen in schools, it can happen in vocational centers, through short courses and through life and work experience. It doesn’t have to be in a school.

To succeed you need to make some moves.

Below are some of the moves you can make

Find what you love and do it
Do you love plaiting hair, making hats or bead? Do you love fixing electrical appliances? Do you love writing? Find that thing you love doing and work on it. Get some training on it. You can get trained by a trusted person in that field in your community

Get trained
Become an expert by getting trained. You can apply to be an apprentice. Do you want to fix cars? Become an apprentice at a mechanic workshop. Let them teach you what you need to be the best at it.

Teach yourself
There are so many things you can learn online. Do you want to learn how to become a chef? Click here to learn how to read online. Read about it online. Teach yourself.

Get a mentor
Find someone who has experience in your field. Learn from them either directly or indirectly. Read about them. Ask them to show you how they were able to succeed.

Believe you can succeed: It takes believing in yourself. Even with the best skills in the world if you don’t believe you can achieve something, you probably will do badly at it.

Yes you can succeed if you attend school but if you can’t be in school then that’s not the only way to succeed.

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