Getting good grades

It’s all about hard work

Getting good grades

One of the things I have learnt as a student is that everyone has a strength. Some people are very good with words and reading so they get the best results in English. Some other people are good at doing things with their hands and love subjects like home economics and technical drawing.

For me, I have always been a good student but I had one big problem – Mathematics. I really wanted all my results to come out in flying colours but I just was not doing well in that one. I kept failing and it really hurt. Like, you can imagine what it was like to come home and show my parents my F math result again! :O

So I decided that I must change this failure to success. I also wanted to do well in the course to show girls can do well in Math too. Boys keep acting like Math is only for them and I don’t agree.

What did I do? I found people who were good at Math and who were willing to study with me and help me pass. These people became my friends and they even wanted me to pass more than I wanted it for myself! Good friends are the best o!

They did their best for me and I also did my best. We planned a regular tutorial class to help me understand the course before I had to take the final examination.

How did the exam go? Well, I did better but I still did not do as well in Math as I did in other subjects. In fact, all the studying helped me do even better in the subjects that I like best.

The main thing is my results got me admission to a good university to study what I really like. I am happy that I worked hard and did my best to understand math but I am also happy that I did not force myself to take a university course that needs a lot of math when I have other great talents.

The best thing is that my wonderful tutors are still my best friends today. One of them, Helen, wants to study mathematics and engineering when she goes to university. So who said math is only for boys!

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