Hey Sis, Teach Me To Make Money Too!

A little lesson goes a long way

Hey Sis, Teach Me To Make Money Too!

Most of us look up to our older siblings. Sisters, brothers—even cousins! We admire them a lot. We want to be like them when we grow up.

But we don’t have to wait until we’re their age. We can learn a thing or two from them right away. Like how to make money. It’s never too early to stand on our own feet. Here’s what we can do:

Ask Questions:
Since big sis is a few years older than us, it’s easier to talk to her. So if she has a good job, let’s feel free to ask questions. How did she get it? Did she have to learn a particular skill? What does she like most about it? If we’re super close to big sis, we can even ask how much she earns.

Watch and Learn
When we make money, we have to work hard to keep it. Let’s keep an eye on big sis. If she works in an office, she probably wakes up early to get to work on time. If she has a small business, she probably takes orders first thing in the morning and makes sure she keeps her promise to her customers. If we’re as disciplined as her, we’ll do as well as she has.

Sister Knows Best
Before making money, it helps to know the best job for us. One that suits our passion and personality. This way, we can earn a living from doing what we love. And if we don’t know what that is, big sis can help. She knows us better than anyone else. She can help us figure out our goals and hobbies. She’ll suggest jobs that’ll keep us safe. Don’t worry if you cannot figure out your passion yet, keep try different things and it will come to you.

Save Smart
Anyone can get carried away by money. That’s why we need to stay focused and save well. Let’s ask big sis about mobile money accounts. Or for tips on saving our pocket money. She has been there before. So she’s in a good position to advise us. We can even take notes as she speaks. Then read them from time to time.

What would we do without you, big sis?

Remember, safety first no matter what. If anyone suggests any job that makes you uncomfortable, report to a trusted adult at once. And if you’re not ready to make money yet, take your time. You can start whenever you like.

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