How to become an independent Springster

You are a big girl now

How to become an independent Springster

Have you ever been called “Mummy’s pet” or “baby?

Chances are you didn’t like it.

Truth is, there is nothing wrong with being called that.

But that doesn’t mean you have to act like a baby.

Fact is many of us will always be ‘mummy’s baby’ or there will always be someone older who will call us ‘small girls’.

Our parents, aunts, uncles, guardians etc will always have these roles in our lives. No matter how big we grow.

Wanting to try new things as we grow older is very normal. Everyone feels this way. But parents and guardians worry about us doing these things when we are not ready. We need to show that they can trust us to take care of ourselves and make the right decisions.

How do we earn that trust? By showing that we are mature enough to want to make the right decisions and that we always learn from bad decisions.

That is being independent.

So how do we start showing our independence?

Help around at home

Help without being asked. Don’t wait until your mum shouts before you do your chores. Show that you can handle tasks on your own. This way they can trust you to take care of things if they’re not around.

Be smart with money

Learn to save. Don’t spend all the money you get. Talk to your parents/guardians about saving options. This way they know you are thinking of your future.

Keep your parents informed

Be open. Hiding things will make them feel like you are doing something wrong. Let them know when you are going out. Make sure you go to that place and nowhere else. Let them know they can trust your words.

Show you know what you want

Start thinking about what you want for your future. Know what you like or dislike. Don’t let opinions and actions of your friends or that boy you like make you change who you are. Show that you have a mind of your own. Make sure nothing keeps you from your dreams.

But despite all this, remember you will never be this age again. Your childhood and teenage years are a time for fun, exploring and enjoying the little things in life. Do not be so focused on being an adult that you miss out on this.

Stay connected to your parents or a trusted adult. Ask their advice. They know a lot about being responsible.

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