How Was Your Year?

So long, 2017!

How Was Your Year?

Time flies fast. One minute it was January, now December is here. Some of us did a lot this year. Some of us, not so much. No matter what, the most important thing is that we’re still standing. Still going strong.

How about we look back at all you’ve done this year? Just a quick, fun exercise to get you set for 2018. Ready? Here we go:

Step 1
Did you have a goal this year? Maybe you wanted to learn a skill. Or save up for a small phone. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t be hard on yourself. At least you still have a goal. Next year, you can continue saving till you achieve your goal. Never give up.

Step 2
Instead of thinking of what you didn’t do, focus on what you did. Did you help those in need? Beat a bad habit? Pass a test? Take note of all these things. They are your big accomplishments. You should be very proud of yourself..

Step 3
Write down every single moment that made you smile. Maybe you bonded with your mum. Or got good news you’d been expecting. As long as it made you happy, it’s worth celebrating.

Step 4
We bet you learnt new stuff. How to speak up. How to make new friends. How to use a computer. The list goes on and on. Whatever new thing you learnt, it surely made a difference in your life. It made you a better person. So give yourself a high five. You go, girl!

Step 5
Remember, be thankful. Write thank you notes to those who stood by you this year. Appreciate them with all your heart. Tell them how much their support means to you. You need good guys in your corner.

There you have it! That was fun, right? We hope you’re inspired to achieve more next year. We’ll be right here, cheering you on every step of the way.

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