Keep him in the ‘friend-zone’, minus the drama

Even if you don’t like him like that you can still be friends

Keep him in the ‘friend-zone’, minus the drama

Can you just be friends with a boy?

This can be a difficult question to answer.

The truth is with puberty comes changes with your body, your mind and your relationships with boys.

This could be a crush on a special boy or a change in the relationships with boys you’ve grown up with or just someone you enjoy talking and spending time with

When you’re spending a lot of time together those teen hormones can make things confusing. If you’re attracted to each other it’s easy for it to develop into something more. But what if you don’t want anything romantic with him at all and he does? Things can get very awkward!

Here are some ways you can build a safe friendship with a boy and stay just friends

Set boundaries
Be clear that you only want to be friends. Set limits. For example, no hugging or touching.You decide what you are comfortable with and stick to it. Make sure he understands this relationship is not ‘on the way’ to something else.

Hang Out in Groups
Include your other friends in outings. Make sure everyone pays their own way. This makes it clear that he is just one of your group of friends.

Be a good friend (and make sure he is too)
Be supportive and loyal. Always be kind and honest. Listen and try to help him with his problems when you can. Take an interest in the things that he likes. Don’t expect him to do you favours. Make sure he does exactly the same for you.

Don’t keep the relationship a secret
People may not understand that your relationship with a boy is nothing more than what it is; a platonic friendship. Because of this, you may be tempted to keep it a secret, don’t. Tell your family about him, introduce him to your other friends, being open about your friendship tells him and others you have nothing to hide and ensures the relationship is always kept in check.

If there is a boy who keeps disturbing you and won’t take no for an answer, or makes you scared and uncomfortable every time he is around you we advise you to stop seeing that boy and report him to a trusted adult immediately.

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