My parents don’t support my dreams

Believe in yourself no matter what

My parents don’t support my dreams

Everyone says you have a fantastic voice. Or you’re very good at math. Or you can convince anyone to buy anything.

These words mean a lot to you. Because your dream of being a singer. Or going back to school. Or starting a business. In short, you can’t wait to achieve your dream. But there’s just one thing: your parents don’t agree.

Maybe they want you to stay at home. Maybe they think girls shouldn’t have their own money. You’ve tried to convince them. You’ve had many heart-to-heart talks with them. But nothing has changed.

It’s normal to feel bad about it. But remember, your parents were born way before you. In their time, it wasn’t normal for girls to do certain things. They may not even understand what you want to do. So be patient with them. Don’t frown or pout. You’ll only make things worse.

You can’t force people to see what you see. You can’t control their feelings. What you can do is work very hard. Push yourself and do your best.

It’s not that easy to believe in yourself when your parents don’t. But it can be done.

First, find other people who support your dreams. It could be your cousin, aunty, best friend, or a trusted adult. When things get tough, they’ll cheer you on. They might even help you talk to your parents. And it might just work.

Next, find successful people who have achieved your dream. Pick someone from your area or from a similar background to you. Find out how they achieved their goals, then tell your parents about it. This will help convince your parents that you too could succeed.

Last but not least, don’t give up. To succeed, you have to be determined. So enter for that singing competition. Keep solving math. Learn a new skill. These things will get you to the top.

Over time, your parents will come around. They’ll be so proud of you. They’ll tell the whole world you’re their child. Sounds crazy, right? Wait and see.

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