Stand strong and say no

Stay cool under pressure

Stand strong and say no

Your teenage years are pretty much alright, right? You get to make new friends and learn new things.

Like… that guys are not so bad after all!

But the thing is, even though you’re interested in guys, you don’t have to date them if you’re not ready. It’s not by force. So if a guy asks you out and you don’t want to be with him, just say no. Be polite but firm. You have the right to make your own choices.

There’s nothing wrong with being single. You have all the time in the world to date. So take your sweet time, girl. No need to say yes just because everyone else is saying yes. When you don’t follow the crowd, it makes you special and unique.

Saying no can be hard. You might not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.. But why should you displease yourself just to please others? Your happiness comes first. Always trust your gut and stay true to yourself.

Sometimes when you turn a guy down, he won’t just accept it. He’ll start pulling all sorts of stunts to change your mind. He might even start asking you out every day! But it doesn’t mean he really likes you. He might simply be trying to boost his ego. And you’re way too smart to fall for that.

Another thing: if you don’t like a guy, don’t date him out of pity. It’s not fair to either of you. Don’t shy away from saying no again and again. Stand your ground and speak your mind. Remember, if the guy starts threatening or harassing you, report him to a trusted adult immediately.

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