Three tech tricks to help us save

Because saving is smart

Three tech tricks to help us save

Girls like us use phones to keep in touch with our family and friends. But there’s so much more we can do with our phones. Like save up for something we really want.

Maybe it’s a skill we’ve always dreamed of learning. Or a dress we’ve been eyeing forever. Whatever it is, we can use technology to achieve our goals.

Here’s how:

  1. Mobile Money: We can use mobile money on our phones to save, send and receive money. We can also buy call credit and other affordable stuff. There are many types of mobile money accounts. Many are linked to phone providers like Glo and MTN. If we want to know more about mobile money we can ask these phone providers. We can call their customer service on our phones or go to their stores.
  2. Budget Apps: There are many free apps that make saving fun. How? Well, if our weekly pocket money is N100, we can make a list of everything we want. It’ll help us plan better and stay focused. In good time, we’ll save more money than we ever imagined.
  3. Internet Banking: Most banks are online just like us. So if a trusted adult opens an account for us, we can access it from a phone. When they make deposits for us, we can keep track on our phones. We can check our daily balance and view our monthly statements. Bit by bit, we’ll save up for lots of things. The earlier we start, the better.

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