5 Affordable gifts for Mother’s Day

Make her feel special without breaking the bank

5 Affordable gifts for Mother’s Day

In Nigeria most people mark March 26th as a day to celebrate their mothers . We know you show your mum or whomever takes care of you (your aunt or guardian) love every day but this is a chance to make her feel extra special.

Here are 5 great gifts you can give her, even if you’re on a tight budget.

A Handmade Card
Mums love it when you make things for them. All you need is some cardboard or paper and coloured pens or pencils. Put your imagination and drawing skills to use! Make sure the card shows how much you love her.

A letter
Write your mum a letter to tell her how much she means to you. Use your best handwriting. If you are not comfortable writing, you can think of what you want to say then tell her. You could even sing her a song using the words you thought of! Make sure you thank her for all the special things she does for you. It will show that you really cherish her.

Cook for her/Do the chores
Mums work really hard and deserve to rest. You probably already have chores you do every day. Give your mum a chance to relax by doing some of the things she usually does. Is there a special meal that she really loves? Learn how to make it and surprise her by cooking it. Do you have siblings? Get them involved as well and make it a fun activity.

A hug
It may seem small, but hugs have a way of making us feel special. Show your mother how special she is by hugging her for a long time. You can tell her how much she means to you at the same time.

A handmade picture
You and your family are the most important thing to your mum. Pictures of you will always make her smile. You can make a picture frame from two pieces of cardboard. Find a nice photo of your family to go inside. Decorate the frame with words and drawings that show how much you love her.

Mother’s Day is not just for mums. You can give a gift to any older woman who takes care of you. It could be a teacher, a neighbour or an aunty. Whoever it is will love the gift because it comes from you.

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