5 normal teenage behaviours

Changes you don’t have to worry about

5 normal teenage behaviours

We are growing right now. At this stage there are so many changes we will experience in our bodies and behaviour..

These changes might get us worried, because they are new to us.

But some of these changes are normal and nothing to worry about.

Changes like;

Wanting to be alone
At this age we might have mood swings or get irritated easily. We want to be left alone. This is why sometimes we lock ourselves in our rooms, play loud music or even listen to music with our earphones to avoid talking to people around us. This behaviour is probably caused by our hormones. That is the substance in our body that influences our behaviour and mood. It is totally normal to want to be alone but it is important that you don’t shut out people who care about you from your life. Don’t isolate yourself from them.

Getting attention from boys or getting attracted to boys
We are at our puberty phase. During puberty, our emotions may become stronger and more intense.
Our feelings change quickly and randomly.
We probably start having sexual thoughts and urges. We may also get attracted to each other, this is sometimes called having a crush
All these are normal.
What we do with this attraction or attention is important. We can decide to become friends with a boy we are attracted to. A boy who is attracted to us might ask us to date him. All these are normal.
However we need to think of our safety first
The friendship or relationship should not make us do things in secret or against our wish.

Bodily changes
We are growing and our body is changing.
As we grow we will notice certain changes such as the breasts growing, pubic hair, or your period.
Boys also will experience these bodily changes such as growing a beard, baritone voice or pubic hair.
All these changes are normal. Sometimes some of our friends might experience their changes earlier or grow faster but it’s nothing to worry about. Our bodies are different.

Getting concerned about your appearance
Are you getting concerned about how you look? That is totally normal at this age. We want to look our best. This is why we now apply colourful lip gloss, powders, Henna (Lalle), etc. We even start to pay extra attention to how we dress. We want to always look trendy and really cool. All these are normal.
Our appearance is not the only thing that makes us look good or feel beautiful though.
Having a good character and attitude, being helpful, kind, funny or even having a special talent or being smart are all things that also will attract people to us and make us likebale.

Getting curious about certain things
Do you feel like right now you are so curious about things like sex? It is absolutely normal at this age. But it is important that we get the right answers from the right place. For matters like this it is advised that we talk to an older trusted adult or Big Sister.

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