Always be the best to your bestie

Not only now, but forever

Always be the best to your bestie

You might have a big circle of friends.

But there are a few you can trust with your deepest and darkest secrets. They are your best friends

The truth is your best friend today can stop being your best friend tomorrow.

Friendships always take work. All relationships need to be maintained.

If not careful you can lose the friendship.

Lost besties?! That's a total tragedy!

Here are ways to remain the best to your bestie

Don't compete

You're equally beautiful and talented.

There's no need to feel envious of each other.

Your bestie might be better than you at something, but there is something you are also better than her at.

Say things honestly

Many people think that “sorry” is the hardest word to say.

Speaking truthfully and from the heart is much harder.

Be honest but not hurtful with your words.

For example, if your bestie asks what you think about her new hairstyle, don't tell her you don't like it.

Just say something like, “I see you are trying a new look, but let me show you a really nice style you can try next.”

This shows your honest opinion without hurting her feelings.

Give compliments

Give sincere credit and compliments

This doesn’t mean you have to compliment everything. But everyone likes to hear a nice word every now and then.

Friends pay attention to each other, even if it's something small.

Celebrate together

A good friend sincerely celebrates their friend’s achievements.

Is your friend the best student? Congratulate and celebrate him/her!

This goes for anything else your friend is working on.

They worked hard to get the result. Celebrate with them.

The key to strong friendship is supporting and being there for friends when they need you.

It’s the difference between BF and BFF!

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