Anatomy of a Squad

We may be different, but we’re friends forever

Anatomy of a Squad

Ah, friends. You guys are so different in so many ways, right? And it drives you crazy sometimes, right? Thing is, despite the drama, the things that make each of you different make your friendship special. Life would be sooo boring if we were all the same.

Moving on, we need to talk about your squad. We bet there are lots of interesting characters in there. Since we like to have fun around here, we’ve rounded up a list. Let the games begin:

The Big Sister
The mother hen of the crew. Warm. Wise. Wonderful. Thoughtful and a little overprotective too. Has a tissue for the criers and a biscuit for the hungry. Defends everyone. Teaches you to be sensitive to others’ needs.

The Hustler
Has the head for money and for business. Fearless and ambitious. Always finds ways to earn cash when you guys are broke. Can talk to anyone. Want to learn to save and grow your money? She’s your girl.

The Fashionista
Confident and sassy with a good heart to go with it. Can be relied on for tips on all things fashion, makeup and skincare. Helps you embrace your beauty inside and out. Tender and protective of those she loves.

The Clown
The life of the party. The one whose stories everyone listens to. The one who cheers up anyone who is sad. Cheeky, but lovable. Easy to talk to. Shows you that bad times are not so bad with the right people.

There you have it! Everyone in your squad is unique in their own way. So why don’t you open your mind and celebrate your differences? That way, you’ll learn to get along with people who are nothing like you.

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