Blood is Thicker Than Water

Family is everything

Blood is Thicker Than Water

As a teenager you’ll sometimes assume that your friends are way cooler to hang out with than your family members or parents. You probably see your parents as “old school”.

We know as a young girl you want to spend more time with your mates and enjoy new experiences, it is however important to spend time with your family especially your parents who are getting older by the day.

We are not asking you to spend all your time with your parents, but it’s important to connect regularly and build a loving relationship with your parents.

Don’t know how to start? Here are some easy ways to bond with your folks

Involve them
Once upon a time your parents were teenagers who probably experienced what you are experiencing hence why you should feel free to involve them in your life and ask them questions about their favourite movie, what your mum was like as a young lady, your dad’s favourite music etc.. They have tons of life experience and lessons you can learn from.

Be around
Be available for your parents like you would be for your friends. Is your mum confused on how to make use of her phone? Help her out. Invite your friends over to spend time with your family. This will give your family the impression that your friends are good people who matter to you too.

Be responsible
Do you think your mama still treats you like you are 5 years old? Do you want your parents to trust you and allow you more freedom to make your own decisions? Show them how mature you are by helping out more at home without being asked. For example you do not have to wait for your parents to complain about the dirty plates before you wash them. This way you will earn their respect and build a bond with them.

It’s never too late to build a relationship with your parents. You can start today.

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