Celebrate Yourself

Don’t wait for anyone to say you’re awesome

Celebrate Yourself

You know who you should celebrate? Your family and everyone else who matters to you. But do you know who you should never forget to celebrate? You. Why? Because you deserve it. And you don’t need anybody to do it for you.

So don’t hold back. Give yourself a high five as often as you can. Wondering where to start? Here are some tips.

Take a Minute
Put some time aside to celebrate what you’ve accomplished. It could be anything. Maybe you’ve discovered an exciting hobby. Or finished reading an amazing book. Or passed a test. Even kicked a bad habit. Whatever it is, take a deep breath and acknowledge it. Thank yourself for a job well done. Stand in front of the mirror and say, “Well done, girl. You rock!”

Do Something That Makes You Happy
If you love jogging, do it. If you have a favourite song, listen to it. If you like taking selfies or fun pictures of your friends, go right ahead. To celebrate yourself, you have to do something that brings you sweet joy. That’s all that matters.

Reward Yourself
If you can, give yourself something you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to buy anything. It could be as simple as waking up later than usual. Or watching the sunset. Or visiting your favourite aunt. Sometimes it’s the little things that lift you up.

Accept Compliments
When someone says something kind about you, don’t argue with them. Try not to be shy or worry if they mean it. Instead, say “Thank you” and soak in the moment. You’ll feel much better about yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s okay to know how special you are.

Write a Note to Yourself
You’ve probably written thank you notes to your loved ones. Now how about writing a note to yourself? Write down everything you’re thankful to have achieved. Write down all the reasons you love yourself. Don’t feel comfortable writing, draw! Then whenever you’re feeling down, read your note or look at your drawing again. It’ll make you feel more confident and powerful than ever. You’ll be ready to conquer the world again. Give it a go today.

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