Crush vs love: know the difference

What a feeling!

Crush vs love: know the difference

Being a teenager can be fun. The highs, the laughs, the trips. Sometimes there’s drama too. Like when you have a crush on a guy. Or think you are in love.

Exciting things begin to happen. Your heart beats fast when you see him. You think of him all the time. You want to be with him. And you hope he feels the same way.

But things can get confusing. So it helps to know whether it’s just a crush or real love. Here we go:

Example One
Bibi is fifteen-years-old. She’s very close to her big brother, who has a friend named Jahda. Whenever Jahda comes around, Bibi can’t look him in the eye. He’s so tall and cute! He dresses so well. Bibi likes the way he talks. In short, she likes everything about him. Even the way he chews. She dreams of him every night. She wants to be his girlfriend so bad. What is this — a crush or love?

It’s a crush, Springsters! A crush is a very strong attraction to someone. Mostly because of the person’s looks. Or the way the person walks or talks.

Crushes don’t last long. You might have a crush on someone this month, and a crush on someone else next month. It’s a normal part of growing up. We’ve all been there.

Example Two
Ogo is seventeen-years-old. There’s this guy on her street named Kesiana. Lately they’ve been hanging out together. When she’s with him, she feels like herself. He gets her in a way nobody else does. He listens to her and supports her dreams. He doesn’t think she’s silly for wanting to be a senator. Seeing Kesiana is the best part of Ogo’s day. She cares about him a lot. She wants him to be happy. She even sees him in her future. Could this be love?

Yes! Love is a deep, tender feeling of affection for another person. Love is passionate. It can keep two people together forever.

When you love someone, it’s not about how they look. It’s not just a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach. It’s deeper than that. You accept the person’s flaws. You like those little things that make them unique.

Love feels different for everyone. But one thing’s for sure: it’s the best feeling ever.

As teenagers, it’s easy to mistake a crush for love. If you’re confused, open up to a trusted adult like an aunty or older sibling. Yes, opening up to them might not be easy. You may be shy and worried about being scolded. But remember, they’ve been there before and they care about you. So they’ll give you good advice that’ll make you feel better.

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