Dear Diary, It’s Me Again

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Dear Diary, It’s Me Again

You know the craziest thing about your teenage years? They’ll be over sooner than you think. From the good and the bad to the neither-good-nor-bad, it all goes by way too soon. So keeping a diary is a smart thing to do.

It doesn’t just help you keep track of your emotions and experiences. It also helps you know yourself better and become more confident. And if you want to be a writer, a diary is a great place to start. Here’s how:

1) Make it Personal: First, get an unused notebook. Then write down your name, age and hobbies on the first page. That way, if your diary gets lost, it’ll be easier for it to be found and returned.

2) Choose a Schedule: Decide whether you want to write once a day or once a week. If you want to write in the morning, fine. If you’d rather write at night, fine. Always begin by writing the date and time at the top of the page. Include other details to remind you of where you were at the time. So in the future you can reread your diary, reflect on all you’ve learned, and embrace your more confident self.

3) Write, Write, Write: Grab a pen/pencil and let your thoughts flow. Write as if you’re talking to yourself or gisting with your best friend. Write about anything: how your day was, your goals, your best memories, your biggest dreams. Don’t hold back, girl. Keep it real. Remember, it’s okay if you skip a day or a week. Just start again from the present day.

4) Spice it Up: Paste stickers, photographs, pieces of fabric and flower petals inside your diary. Write down your favourite poems, quotes and song lyrics. Write down the nicest compliments you’ve ever received. Whenever you feel sad and blue, flip through and lift your mood.

5) Keep it Safe: Your diary is very personal. It belongs to you and you alone; so you should always keep it in a safe place. E.g. between your folded clothes, inside your pillowcase, even stuck up under a table or chair.

There you go! You’re all set to start a diary. Enjoy!

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