Do you feel alone?

Here’s how to cope

Do you feel alone?

Sometimes we can feel like we are not a part of a group or an event. No friends to gist with. No family to hang out with.

There are other times when we have people around us but still feel lonely.

We feel like the people around us don’t understand us.

We start to avoid people. We end up feeling alone

And we know no one wants to feel alone

Wondering how to overcome the feeling of being lonely? Here are some tips:

Gather friends and loving people around you
Have people in your life that you can talk to about anything. It will help you learn to cope with loneliness. Make good friends. You can make friends in your place of worship, in your support group or even ask a trusted adult to introduce to someone your age. You can also read our article on how to make friends

Find or join a group in your community
It can be a choir, dance group or even sports team. Maybe you like sports, you can visit the nearest sports centre. Spending time playing your favourite sports will lift up your mood. Or maybe you like to dance you can join a dance group. You can even join an online community like Springster on facebook. Joining a group will also make it possible for you to meet new people.

Learn something new and cool
It can be how to play the flute, drum, dance, sing, bake, etc. This can become your new hobby. It will keep you busy and help you spend your time fruitfully.

Whatever you do remember you are not alone. We are here for you.

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