Five ways to let go of bad friends

Move on and keep going strong

Five ways to let go of bad friends

Friendship is a wonderful gift. It makes life exciting in many ways. But once in a while, we realise a “friend” isn’t so great.

They put us down and say mean things to us. They talk bad about us behind our backs. They don’t want the best for us.

This is called a toxic friendship. It’s not healthy for anyone. In such situations, it’s smart to end things. To let go of that “friend” and move on.

It’s not easy to cut someone out of our lives. But it can be done. Here’s how:

Be sure
First, make sure you don’t want to be friends with them anymore. Nobody is perfect. We shouldn’t let a “friend” go just because they hurt us once. But if they’ve hurt us many times, it’s okay to break away. Let’s try not to be sad. Instead, let’s stand our ground. We all deserve to be happy.

Have a face-to-face chat
Sit them down and talk. Be honest. We need to share the hurtful things they’ve done. We need to say why we can’t be friends anymore. Let’s avoid blaming them. We may have played a part too. No yelling or fighting, please. Name-calling isn’t cool either. If we’re nervous, we can practise in front of mirror first.

Write to them
Sometimes it’s okay to write things down instead of saying them. So why don’t we send this “friend” a note? It’ll help us express our thoughts clearly. Also, we’ll be likely to spot, um, offensive words and remove them. Breakups should be handled with care.

Don’t say bad stuff about them
When the friendship ends, the gist will spread fast. Troublemakers will try to make us spill our former friend’s secrets. They’ll come with all sorts of ‘she-said-he-said’ stories just to get us to talk. But we shouldn’t fall for their cheap tricks.

Have no regrets
Most friendships help us become better people. That’s why we shouldn’t blame ourselves for being in a toxic one. It’s part of life. We grow, learn, and move on. However, let’s keep this experience in mind, so it doesn’t happen again.

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