Girls Supporting Girls

We are stronger together

Girls Supporting Girls

You are walking down the street, and the prettiest girl goes by. Right then, you start searching for something wrong with her. You don’t find any, but you still find fault with silly things. Oh her legs are too straight. Oh her hairstyle is old school. In short, why does she even have two eyes? Then you stop and wonder what’s wrong with you.

If we’ve ever been there, let’s try not to beat ourselves up. It’s not our fault. Thing is, society teaches girls to compete with one another.

Also, we girls are taught that we’re lesser than boys, that we don’t matter as much as boys. So we dislike other girls because we think there’s something wrong with every girl. But of course there isn’t. Girls rock all over the world.

We’ve got to remember: other girls are not the enemy. We need to stand up for other girls—and ourselves too. And the first step? Rejecting all the false things we’ve been told. Girls and boys matter equally. Full stop.

Next, we need to understand that we girls are different, but equally amazing. We’re all strong, funny, talented, hard-working and beautiful in our own ways. We shouldn’t be threatened by one another. Instead, we should ignore those who pit us against one another, then lift one another up.

When girls support other girls, amazing things happen. There’s nothing we won’t achieve. The world will be a much, much better place. Besides if we don’t stand up for one another, who will? Here are five ways to root for other girls:

  1. Give genuine compliments.
  2. Avoid bullying and body-shaming.
  3. Share positive words on social media.
  4. Give back to younger girls in our communities.
  5. Celebrate all the awesome girls out there.

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