Giving Back What I Have Learnt

“To whom much is given, much is expected”

Giving Back What I Have Learnt

When someone helps us become a better person, we should try to help others too. When we are kind and giving, we can make our world a better place.

One thing we can do is tell other girls about Springster. Share the important things you have learnt with them. Let them know how what you learnt here has helped you.

Some girls have already started sharing their stories. Many of these girls have learnt new skills from Springster like better ways to talk to people, tips for staying safe and much more. Here are some examples below;

My sister told me about Springster. I really liked the story about the girl who started a business as a tailor because I have always liked to sew. I took some lessons and I hope I can go to design school when I am older. Esther, 13 years old

My friend was not sure if she should take a gift from an older man. I sent her an article about taking gifts from sponsors I saw on Springster. When she read it, she decided not to take the gift. The article helped her decide that the man may try to get something back from her. She did not want that to happen. Amina, 15 years old

I have a friend who has been worrying about having bad breath. When I saw an article on Springster titled ‘How to deal with mouth odour’, I immediately sent it to her. She told me how she has been using lemon and salt. It has really helped. Her mother even noticed that her breath is very fresh these days. Tega, 17 years old

My 14 year old sister has been looking for websites with information for girls her age. The day I saw this page on Free Basics, I called her to look at the articles and she loved seeing the pictures of girls like her and reading the girls’ stories. Bayo, 17 years old

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