Does he like you?

Let’s help you read those signs

Does he like you?

Do you stay awake thinking of someone? Do you wonder if he is thinking about you too? We have been there. It is very normal to start thinking of boys as we grow older. This is part of puberty and adulthood.

It is possible to tell if a boy likes you. In fact, the other day we overheard Ikenna and Sarah talking. The things Ikenna said made us think he likes Sarah. Here is some of their discussion;

Ikenna – Wow Sarah, you changed your hairstyle. I really like this ‘all back’. I like it more than the ‘chuku’ you had last time.

Sarah – Thanks! Long time, no see.

Ikenna – Yes, it’s been very long. I told my best friend about you yesterday. I told him it has been a long time since I saw you.

Sarah – Anything new?

Ikenna – Not really. I am watching that TV show you talked about. I love it! Can we watch the next episode together?

Why do we think Ikenna likes Sarah?

  1. If a boy notices things about your appearance a lot, maybe he likes you. Especially when he remembers how you looked in the past. Ikenna notices all of Sarah’s hairstyles.
  2. If a boy tells his friends about you, he may like you. He is telling friends because he wants you to meet them. Ikenna tells his best friend about Sarah.
  3. If a boy remembers what you say, this is another sign. Ikenna remembers Sarah’s TV show. He looks for it and starts watching. He wants to enjoy what Sarah is enjoying.
  4. Also, Ikenna wants to watch the TV show with Sarah. A boy that likes you will probably suggest activities you can do together.

How about us, girls? What do you do if a boy likes us and you like him? We can be honest. If he wears a nice shirt, tell him. If you are good at a subject, offer to teach him. Slowly, you will get to know each other. If you are not ready to date, he can be a good friend for now.

If you do not like a boy, do not pretend you do. Tell him that he is a great person (if he is!) but you do not feel the same way. Be firm so he knows you are serious. This way he can move on.

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