Help! My Facebook account was hacked

How to make it stop

Help! My Facebook account was hacked

Dear Ms Tech

My Facebook account is sending out strange messages. I don’t know why. It is sending things that are not from me. My friends say that my account was hacked. What does that mean and how can I stop it?

Sincerely, Hacked and Unhappy

Dear Hacked and Unhappy,

Oh dear, it does sound like your account was hacked. This means someone got into your account. This person is pretending to be you. This may happen when you forget to sign out of your account. Did you forget to sign out at an Internet café or when you used someone’s phone? Or maybe you did not sign out before lending a friend your mobile phone. Sometimes trained hackers can also log into lots of accounts with their hacking skills.

Hackers (whether they are friends or strangers) post from your account without your control. Sometimes friends do this to be funny. Even if it is a joke, it’s important to get control of your account immediately!

On sites like Facebook, you can report if your account has been hacked. Look for the ‘help’ page at the bottom of your page. Also, change your password and that might solve the problem.

Always remember to logout from your account and keep your password safe. For those of us who write down our passwords, remember not to keep it where it can easily be found.

Advise your friends to not play around with people’s accounts. They would not like it when it happens to them.

Good luck resolving the hacking issue!

Love, Ms.Tech

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