I am special, I am me

The world will try to tell you otherwise, do not listen

I am special, I am me

Always remember that:

There is only one of you
There is nobody in the world like you. It is okay not to like the same things as other people. You will see some things differently from others and that is fine. You don’t have to be the same as everybody else. You are you. You are special. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself how special you are.

You have every right to be here
Some people might try to make you feel like you were born by mistake. Some might say you don’t deserve to be in a certain circle. Remember that you have been created perfectly. That gives you the right to be here like everyone else. Believe in yourself and work with the mindset that no one can make you feel less.

No one owns you
You are not a chair or a dog for people to own and treat badly. You are a human being and that means your life matters. You should listen to and respect adults. But your ideas and opinions matter too. Learn to speak up for yourself.

Looks aren't everything
You have dreams, you have talent, you have your mind. There is so much more to you than your face or body. It is left for you to find these things and bring them out to the world. Beauty lies in your character, good behaviour and not just in fashion or being trendy. Drop bad habits and work on a good attitude.

Being a girl is awesome
People may say you cannot do some things because you are a girl. Some may call you the weaker sex. Remember you are smart and you have a strong mind. Being a girl shouldn’t stop you from becoming anything you want to be. You are special, a rare GEM, and a strong woman in the making. Do not be afraid to take bold steps and try new things, because you are a girl doesn’t mean you are weak.

If you are ever feeling down, or you doubt yourself, you can always come back to read this again.

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