Keep yourself safe

Safety tips you need to know

Keep yourself safe

The world sometimes can be unsafe.

People we think we know might try to hurt us. Sometimes a total stranger might try to take advantage of us. Sometimes it’s someone who we know who can put us in danger,

This is why we need to be careful. We need to take note of what is happening around us.

Because we want you to be safe at all times we have shared some safety tips below

  • Avoid risky locations. If someone asks you to come or go to a place you feel is unsafe such as an abandoned building, a place with little or no light, a quiet street,etc. please avoid going there if you can.
  • Use the buddy system. Move around public spaces with one or more friends. If you feel unsafe in certain places at certain times (like walking to or from home at night ), but if you MUST GO, ask someone you trust to accompany you.
  • Always tell someone else where you are going and when you will return. This way, if something happens, others will know and can take action.
  • Tell adults when things happen to you or your friends. Ask them to help make sure the situations are addressed and do not happen again!
  • Make a plan: Find a trusted adult who you can go to if something goes wrong. It can be an aunt, uncle, mum or cleric. Make sure you know where to find this person or how to contact them when you need help.

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