The Nigeria of my dreams

Celebrating our great country

The Nigeria of my dreams

Nigeria is 57 tomorrow. 57 years since we got our freedom from the British.

It has being a journey of ups and downs.

Most times we think of the “downs”.

Why don’t we have good roads?

Why don’t we have stable light?

Why don’t we have good public schools like we hear they have abroad?

But to make Nigeria the country we want, we must believe we have the power to make it better.

We can have good schools, roads and hospitals.

We can have great leaders. We can make life better for the poor.

The truth is, for it to happen we all have to play a role.

So don’t just sit and dream, Springster! Here are a few ways to get started...

Building a great country starts at home.

We can start by making the compounds we live in better. This will lead to a great neighbourhood. Then this can lead to a great local government area, state and country. It really starts with you!

Give back

Volunteer to help out at an orphanage, clinic or community center. This does not just help the people in need, you also gain from volunteering. You will get to learn new skills and meet new people. These will all help you in future.

Learn about your country

Speak about the good things in Nigeria. Your parents, guardians, elders and history books often talk about how things were once better. Try and learn what happened to change things. This way, you will know more about what we can do to be even better than before.

Take up leadership roles when you get the chance

Look for chances to be a classroom monitor or prefect. Or you can start and lead a group in your area like a singing or savings club.

Together, we can create the Nigeria of our dreams. Remember it starts by making your own community great.

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