Overcome shyness in 60 seconds

Follow these three simple steps

Overcome shyness in 60 seconds

Imagine this. You’re in class and you don’t understand the assignment, but you’re too shy to speak up. Next, someone puts up their hand and asks the same question you were too shy to ask. All of a sudden, everyone is nodding and saying they need help too.

Or maybe you spot your crush when you’re hanging out with friends. You want to go over and talk to him, but you can’t summon the courage. Shortly after, another girl starts chatting with him. You notice how friendly he is and you think, “Why didn’t I just say hi?”

If you don’t need to imagine this because you know exactly how it feels, we’ve got your back. Here are three easy steps to help you conquer shyness and be that bold person you want to be:

1. Act Confident:
Appearances can be deceiving. So even if you’re not really feeling confident inside, fake it. Thing is, if you look and act a certain way, it can help change your mindset.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:
Life is full of hard knocks. Facts only. If you embarrass yourself in public or lose a close friend, you just have to pick yourself up and carry on. All this will only make you stronger.

3. Believe in Yourself:
Even if you’re too shy to speak up, you know exactly what you’re doing. So why don’t you start trusting your skills and your brain? The more you believe in yourself, the more confident you’ll be.

Now go ahead and try these tips. Soon you’ll no longer be that shy person you don’t want to be.

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