Safety tips for the “Ember” months

Stay safe at the end of the year

Safety tips for the “Ember” months

The Red Cross Society of Nigeria came to our school today. They talked to us about keeping safe during the “ember months”. We are about to proceed into the last months of the year: September, October, November and December.

During this time, markets are very busy. People are getting ready for Christmas. There are also a lot of weddings and parties. People travel to their villages. There is more traffic on the road. And it is harmattan time, which means everywhere is dry and cold.

Here are some of the ways they taught us to keep safe:

  • Look left and right before we cross the road. Wait for the traffic lights to stop cars before we cross the road
  • Tell our parents or family members where we are going when we leave the house
  • Go out in groups. Try not to be out in the street alone
  • Lock doors at home and never open them for people we don’t know
  • Be careful when we are cooking. Switch of anything that uses electricity or gas when we are not using it. Also to make sure that if we make an open fire we kill it properly with soil
  • Don’t go somewhere far or where we don’t know to play
  • Always tell our parents anytime we are not feeling well so that they can treat us on time

It’s important that we all stay safe during the “ember months”. And throughout the year.

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