Showing emotion is easy

Let it out girl!

Showing emotion is easy

If someone was to give you N1million naira right now how would you feel? Excited, happy?

And we can imagine the next thing you would do is try to share the exciting news with someone close to you.

Now, that’s you showing your emotions.

So you see expressing emotions is normal.

Yes, we know some emotions are not so easy to share. For example, showing an older person you are upset with them or telling a crush you like him. You might probably be scared of how they will react.

And sometimes, some of us hide how we feel for fear of being called weak.

Guess you have probably heard things like “Big girls don’t cry, or crying is for kids”? Well, that’s not true.

You are human and you have something called emotions.

Emotions are expressions of how you feel about someone or something. Examples include anger, happiness, sadness etc. Showing it doesn’t make you weak. It shows you are strong because you understand yourself and you are not afraid to show exactly how you feel.

And when you express it, you will be happier and healthier.

Plus, when you show how you feel people around you will understand you better. It will also help them know how to behave around you in some situations

For example, let’s say a friend says something that makes you sad and you decide to hide how you feel. Do you know what will happen?

Because you decided to hide your feelings, your friend might never know she hurt you with her words. And she might repeat this same behaviour making you sad over and over again.

But if you show her how her words make you feel, she might apologise and not repeat the mistake.

So would you rather die in silence or talk about it and feel better?

Holding back is not healthy. It can lead to anxiety or even depression. Bottling up things can make you act in a way that might make you unhappy.

So girl, you need to let it all out. No fears. If you are scared to show how you feel face-to-face you can send a text, write a note, or call the person over the phone.

If it is someone older, you can ask a trusted adult to help you speak to them.

Go out and express yourself today.

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