Stop Making Excuses, Report it

You should be treated with respect, nothing less

Stop Making Excuses, Report it

You deserve to be treated nicely. And it is totally okay to ask for what you’re worth. It’s also fine to admit you want to be treated better than you are being treated now.

Despite your desire to be treated nicely some people will treat you badly. They will sometimes do things that make you unhappy.

Just like an older male neighbour whistling everytime you walk past him. Or maybe he keeps trying to touch you.

Or an older girl on your street making fun of you. Maybe she calls you uncool and ugly. She probably makes fun of the way you dress.

It can even be a family member who keeps saying negative things to you. Maybe he or she calls you names. Maybe they make you feel like you would never become anything in life.

It is not your fault that they are acting this way.

This is why you shouldn’t make excuses for them. You need to speak out.

If you don’t, their behaviour might affect your self-esteem and confidence. It can make you feel less of yourself.

The more you keep quiet the more you might get hurt. And the truth is they might get away with it.

If care is not taken you will start to blame yourself for the way they treat you. You might even start to make excuses for them. This is mostly caused by fear.

Fear that they might hurt you for speaking out.

Yes you might be sacred to talk to them face-to-face. Reporting them secretly shouldn’t scare you.

You can report to a trusted adult like a parent, an uncle, aunty or teacher. Someone you know won’t judge you or make you feel bad for opening up to them. Someone you trust.

Remember you don’t have to be rude about it. There is no need for you to verbally abuse them. and you should never try to solve the issue with violence or physical fights.

Whatever or whoever it is, just report it, speak to someone you trust about your feelings, reach out to people who show you support. Your happiness and safety is important.

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