Surfing the web is as easy as ABC

The world at your fingertips

Surfing the web is as easy as ABC

We are so lucky the internet was created! In the past, people looked for a book or asked someone whenever they did not know something. Now, we can find many things online. Let’s talk about some of our favourite online tools.


This allows you access the web sites and pages that host the information you’re looking for. Find it in the phone menu. If the browser that comes with your phone is slow download a faster browser like Google Chrome or Opera Mini. Once you can get online. you can do all kinds of things. Like find information for your home work assignments, watch a video to learn a new skill and get the latest news.


This is the secret to finding answers online. Look for a box marked ‘Search’ at the top of your browser. Enter a topic. Click search to find related articles. We can also type full questions and see answers. Try to read only trusted websites. Many trusted websites have a detailed about page. They are also usually on the first page when we search. We should not rely on search to answer important questions like medical questions. Look for an expert in your area to ask such questions.

Using Social Media

Have you seen the icons below on a page? Then that page is on Facebook and other social media. when we click share we are able to share what we have read on our facebook or other social media. If we click like that means we can follow the website on facebook so we can get updates or similar stories on our timeline Remember that you should only share things that will help people or make them happy. Don’t share or post things like harmful gossip or rude stories.

Surfing the web is as easy as ABC

Save Pages

After finding a website that we love, the last thing we want is to lose it. Look for the menu button in your browser window. Click on ‘save as bookmark’. Or it might say ‘save page’ depending on your device. You can give the page a special name to make sure you remember it. You can look at all your saved pages. Just go to the menu and click bookmarks.


Some pages are not linked to social media. So How do we share them? you can copy the link at the top of the browser (it usually starts with https://) and send to your friends via Whatsapp, email or even a text. You can also copy the link from the top of your browser (it usually starts with https://) to share. Paste this link in messages when you want people to visit that page.

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