What’s on your mind girl?

It’s time to speak up

What’s on your mind girl?

Do you sometimes find it hard to talk about somethings?

Do you get scared to speak up?

We know that there are certain conversations that can be tricky to have. But, there are things you can’t help but talk about. Things about your future, boys, or sex.

You see, saying how you feel is very important.

This is why we’d like to share some tips to help you take on conversations

Forget about being called a talkative
Often, as girls, we are taught to be nice, soft, and quiet. Forget it – girls too have the right to say their minds like boys. Sometimes when you are outspoken, some people see it as you being talkative. The truth is, you’re just saying how you feel or what you want. You never have to feel like you have to dull yourself to make others comfortable.

Your opinion matters
No one else in the world can be more ‘you’ than you can! Know that. So you need to be confident with your voice. You also need to learn that your opinion is important, in any situation. If you would rather focus on study than dating like all your friends, go for it! If you prefer rap music to RnB, stick with it.

Cool off
When angry, it can be hard to communicate clearly. If you are having a disagreement with your parent or a teacher, talking to them with a calm attitude will help them see that you are approaching this in a mature manner.

Learn the power of NO
If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, say “no”. Whether it is sneaking out, skipping class or going to the next stage with your boyfriend, you are allowed to say no. By saying ‘no’, you’ll also help empower other girls around you feel that they can say no too!

Support other girls
If you hear a girl in class speak up about something important to her, but a boy or classmate shuts her down, try to say something supportive. Like, “I think what Sara said was really interesting,” or “I think Sara had a good idea”. Helping to raise the voice of other girls helps all girls voices to get the value they deserve - meaning you’ll be listened to when it’s your turn to speak out.

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