Who should I talk to about boys?

Getting the best relationship advice

Who should I talk to about boys?

Is there a boy you like in your community?

Is there a boy who is toasting you?

Are you unsure what to do about it? Not sure who to talk to?

Scared to speak to your mum or aunt? Worried they will you scold you for talking about boys?

Or do you think they don’t understand how you feel?

What if we told you your mum or aunt understand how you feel.

Yes, that your mum or aunt you are scared to talk to about boys know a lot about them.

They were once teenagers. They probably liked boys too when they were younger.

They know a thing or two about boys and relationships. They want the best for you and will mostly tell you the truth.

This is why it is a good option you speak to them.

But sometimes it’s hard to know if you can open up to someone that is why it’s really important to be able to identify the best people in your life who can support you and give you advice.

Whoever you choose to talk to should be at least two of the following;

- Trusted
- Experienced
- Older
- Non-judgemental

You should choose someone you are comfortable around, whom you admire and respect. It makes it easier for you to open up.

You need to choose someone who won’t judge you. You don’t want someone that will make you feel like a “bad child” for liking a boy.

You need someone with experience. Perhaps a married trusted adult.

You don’t have to choose someone you know everyone goes to for advice. Choose the person who you most feel comfortable with, whom you trust and look up to. It could be your older sister or cousin, aunty, older brother, teacher, counsellor or group leader. Someone who is like a role model for girls in your community.

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