The WWW School: How to Learn Anything Online

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The WWW School: How to Learn Anything Online

Did you know we don’t just get to learn at school anymore? From photography to public speaking, we can teach ourselves so much online. And the best part? Some classes are totally free!

With so many options, you might not know where to start. These tips will help:

  1. Follow Your Heart: Learning a new skill is easier when you choose what you love. It’s a good way to stay committed. So if you’ve always loved drumming, be true to yourself. Take drumming lessons online. Don’t choose something else just because it’s ‘in’. If you want to learn something like drumming online, you can start by reading articles about drumming. Watch some videos of drummers if you can. Then you can look for a drumming class on on a website like Youtube. Or you can ask someone who drums to teach you.
  2. Set a Goal: Before you begin a class, have a clear idea of how long it’ll last. This could be two weeks, one month, or even longer. Next, decide whether you have enough free time to spare. Be honest with yourself. Online classes can be hectic, so it pays to plan well and be prepared. Choose what best suits you and go for it.
  3. One at a Time: Don’t take on too much at once. Start with the one thing you enjoy the most. It’ll keep you focused. You can always learn another skill some other time.
  4. Stick to a Schedule: No matter how busy you are, you still have to help out at home. To make things easier, you could tidy your room before studying online. You’ll get so much done every day.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: When you do something over and over, you’ll finally get it right. If you’re learning how to make a chair, practise sanding wood in your spare time. Soon enough, you’ll make your first ever chair.

See? You’re all set to master anything. 1, 2, 3, click.

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