How to stay clean

Living a germ free life

How to stay clean

The first step to a healthy life is good hygiene.

Having a poor hygiene can make you sick as you would be exposed to germs.

Staying healthy is the best gift we can give ourselves.

Good hygiene is more than brushing your teeth or bathing every day.

Here are some ways to stay clean and healthy

  • Don’t wear your underwear more than once. Wash it regularly
  • Always wash behind your ears properly when taking a bath
  • Dispose your used pads properly. Wrap it in a black nylon, tissue or piece of paper before throwing it away
  • Take care of the hair under your armpit and your pubic hair. We tend to sweat a lot in these areas. The sweat can lead to a body odour. It is important you wash the hair in those areas. We can also get a rash when we don’t take care of the hair in our pubic area or armpit. The decision to shave, trim or not shave the hair if it gets too bushy is up to you.
  • Care for your nails. Trim them to look neat. Clean out dirt from under your nails
  • Try not to share personal items like pants, bra, shaving stick or blade with other people. You can get an infection from sharing such personal items
  • Wash your vagina every day with water. Don’t use soap to wash your vagina
  • Wear clean clothes. Wash your clothes regularly. Make sure they dry properly before you wear them
  • After using the toilet wipe from the front to the back to prevent infections.
  • Always wash your hands after using the toilet, before eating, before preparing a meal, after touching dirt and after coughing or sneezing.

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