Talking to Mums about Teenage Issues

Not so easy , but you can do it

Talking to Mums about Teenage Issues

I was 14 when I started my period.

And the day it happened, I was standing in front of our house when I noticed something coming down my leg. “Ehn My period” I said to myself.

I obviously knew what it was. I had been taught about it both at my formal and Islamic school.

‘My mum needs to know about this” I thought to myself.

But then, there was a little problem. I didn’t know how to tell her.

And it was not because we were not close. I was just so shy to bring up the matter.

And so, I kept quiet. I even made sure I continued with my prayers even though women are not allowed to pray while on their period in my religion.

I thought about different ways to break the news to my mum. But I just kept dreading it.

Finally, I decided to tell her after the evening prayer. When the evening prayer time came, I wasn’t still confident.

I decided to hide in the toilet. I sat there for over twenty minutes. I was basically doing nothing.

“I can’t just sit here, I need to do something” I said to myself. And so, I called my elder sister. I showed her the stain on my cloth. I acted ignorant even though I knew what it was.

I told her the blood came out of my body. Immediately, she grabbed my hands and started walking towards the sitting room while screaming “Mummy come and see, Azeezat has started her period”

My mum rushed towards us. My sister showed her my stained cloth. I was so shy. My mum noticed and it made her laugh.

I felt a bit embarrassed. I ran back to the toilet and refused to come out until my sister came to drag me out.

My mum then sat me down and explained what just happened. She taught me about the menstrual cycle( . And then, she showed me how to wear a pad.

She even talked to me about how to take care of myself during my period. And then, she advised me to be careful around men. Although I knew most of the things she was talking about. But, I also learnt new things.

Well, I wish I wasn’t so shy to talk to my mum or anyone about things like period or growing up.

Your period is normal and talking to a close and trusted family member about it shouldn’t scare you. It is fine to open up. You can learn a thing or two.

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