4 Body parts that need special care

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4 Body parts that need special care

Most of us know that we need to take special care of our heart, liver and lungs. But what about the rest of us?

The truth, is every part of our body is special and should be treated with care.

Wondering what body parts need special care? Well here are some

Taking care of your feet might not be your number 1 thing. But we are sure no one wants smelly feet.
Stinky feet are mainly caused by sweat. And wearing the same shoes every day.
How do you stop the smell?
Spread your shoe outside regularly.
Try not to wear covered shoes all the time.
Wash your feet with soap every night. Don’t forget to clean between your toes. And make sure you dry them well.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your fingers or toes, it pays to take care of your nails.
Trim or cut them regularly. Keep them clean. Make sure you don’t have dirt under your nails.
Soaking too long in water can be bad for your nails. Make sure you dry them properly after you wash plates or clothes.

Sweaty and unclean armpits can cause body odour.
Wash your armpits well when you take your bath.
You can use deodorant under your arms to reduce sweating. They come in roll-on or spray. You can buy them from most pharmacies.
Some people trim or shave their armpit hair. It’s really up to you if you want to do that.

Our vaginas are special and delicate. We need to take good care of them.
So make sure you don’t repeat or share underwear.
Do not wash your vagina with soap. Water is just fine.
Watch the toilets you use to avoid infections.
Keep the hair around the area clean.
It’s perfectly normal to have some discharge. And every vagina has it’s own natural smell. But if you notice any foul smell or the discharge is brown or green speak to a trusted adult or see a doctor right away.

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