Big girls do cry

Dealing with a painful period

Big girls do cry

Lots of us get menstrual pain.

We know it can get really bad.
For some of us, the pain makes us cry. For others, it stops them from doing everyday things.

Does this sound like you? If it does, don’t get scared. The pain is perfectly normal. It’s also usually easy to deal with.

Why does it hurt?
Period pain comes when our uterine (womb) muscles contract and relax.
Our uterine lining peels away during our period. That is why we bleed. This can also hurt.

What can’t cause the pain?
Some people say sugary drinks, cheese and oil make the pain worse. There is no proof of this.
Food that causes bloating can make the pain worse. So stay away from junk food or food with too much salt.
It is important we eat healthy during our period.

What can I do about the pain?
A hot drink or hot bath can help ease the pain. Relaxing or lying down can also help.
Does the pain affect your normal activities? You may have to try medication.

Talk to a trusted/qualified responsible adult. They can help you decide what to take. They can also explain how to take the medicine. It’s important for us to be careful when taking any medicine. We have to keep ourselves safe!

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