Money doesn't buy my love

My love don’t cost a thing – Jennifer Lopez

Money doesn't buy my love

How much is love worth? If you were to price your love, how much would it be?

I am pretty sure you are still thinking about the cost. Do you know why?

It’s because love is priceless.

Everyone wants to be loved.

Most of us girls want to be loved like some of the princesses from our childhood stories.

Some people will do anything to get or to give love.

You must have heard of girls who exchange their love for phones, jewelry or money.

Or of guys who do the same or try to get our attention with gifts.

But we know love is not something we can sell or buy.

Don’t let anyone try to bribe you to love them.

Gifts from someone who cares for you are fine. But the caring comes before the gifts. Not the other way round.

When people already care for each other, they can exchange gifts to show their love. But when someone gives you gifts to make you care for him or to make you do certain things, something is wrong.

Is there a guy on your street you know who keeps offering you chocolate, airtime, or money for your love?

Is there someone who keeps telling you to date him just because he has money?

Today, let’s say a capital “NO” (insert link for how to say no politely) to such people.

If they don’t back off, report them to a trusted older person or parent.

We are Springsters.

A Springster is an independent girl.

Her love is a priceless jewel. She loves and values herself for who she is and not because of what she has.

She can’t be bought. She knows safe ways to make her own money .

She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She’s strong and she knows it. She is like Jennifer. Click to read about Jennifer

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